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Project Description

Coco3D is a real-time 3D software renderer for Windows PCs and mobile devices.
This is a research project aiming to create a platform independant 3D graphic library that provides a transparent API accross the Windows desktop and the mobile platform.
Coco3D extensively uses C++ template meta-programming and policy classes to generate optimized code at compile time based on the user defined rendering context.
Our optimal goal is to provide a graphic template library for software rendering to empower students and researchers to create new shaders and graphic effects that is currently not possible on graphics hardware.

md2.jpg md2_pp.jpg md2_sp.jpg

  1. Gouraud shading
  2. PointList,LineList,LineLoop,TriangleList,TriangleStrip,TriangleFan primitives
  3. Perspective texture mapping
  4. Multi-Texturing with texture stages
  5. Backface culling
  6. Frustum clipping
  7. Depth/Stencil test
  8. Alpha test
  9. Alpha blending
  10. 16, 24 and 32-bit display modes
  11. Shader programming
  12. Skeletal mesh animation
  1. Project Paper
  2. Pipeline Architecture
  3. Core Engine API
  4. Utility Framework API
  5. Benchmark
  6. Screenshots

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